Afterburner iPhone 6 Battery Case 33% OFF




Avoid being left with a drained battery; the Afterburner provides 150% phone charge in your pocket for those clutch moments when you need your phone most. With the Afterburner’s slim appearance, you can power your phone without sacrificing style and size.


150% charge for your iPhone, for extra power on the go
Lightning cable charging so you can charge your case with your iPhone charger (no micro USB cable required like competitor battery cases)
Charge your phone with the push of a button, no cables or outlets required
Slim 2 piece design allows you to insert and remove your iPhone with ease
Slim form factor adds less than half an inch to the height of your phone and less than a quarter of an inch to the depth
Built-in kickstand allows you to watch movies and take FaceTime calls hands-free


iPhone 6



Battery Type: Lithium Polymer
Battery Capacity: 3200mAH
Battery Charge Time: 3-4 hours
iPhone 6 Charge: Up to 150%

1 black Afterburner case for iPhone 6


No refunds
For iPhone 6; see drop-down above for iPhone 6+ option
Instant digital redemption
Ships to continental US only
Free shipping
Allow 1-2 weeks for shipping
Deal price in US Dollars

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The Mac to the Future Bundle

8 Elite Mac Apps + 25 Comprehensive OS X & Web Development Courses

Capo 3


-Automatic Chord Detection using Chord Intelligence
-Slowing music without affecting pitch, while retaining great sound quality
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AfterShot Pro 2

Highlights :

-Full Photo Management – Correct color, make lens corrections, edit multiple versions at once, create web galleries and more.
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A year after the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Quincy Sharp, the new mayor of Gotham, has turned its slums into Arkham City, a terrifying open-air prison where violent thugs and insane super-villains are incarcerated within heavily fortified walls.

When Batman is imprisoned alongside Gotham’s most notorious, he must discover Arkham City’s true purpose before it’s too late. This intense, atmospheric sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum plunges Batman deep into a gothic nightmare from which he will need all his wits, gadgetry and skill to escape.


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This enormous WordPress bundle showcases 39 beautiful, handcrafted themes by 10 talented artists from Creative Market.

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IDrive: 1 TB Of Online Backup


Keeping track of all your personal data can be tricky. Between your work computer, your personal computer, your phone and your tablet you have irreplaceable information spread all over the place.

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