Live Chappie Event


On Wednesday 25th February, to celebrate the release of Chappie, we will be joining forces with Sony Pictures in Central London to host an exclusive live-streamed event.

From the director of District 9 and Elysium comes Chappie: starring Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, with Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman. Every child comes into the world full of promise, and none more so than Chappie: he is gifted, special, a prodigy. Like any child, Chappie will come under the influence of his surroundings – some good, some bad – and he will rely on his heart and soul to find his way in the world and become his own man. But there’s one thing that makes Chappie different from anyone else: he is a robot. The first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself. That’s a dangerous idea – and it’s a challenge that will pit Chappie against powerful, destructive forces that would ensure that he is the last of his kind.

Chappie Live Twitch Event

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25 FEB 2015


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BAFTA 2015

The EE British Academy Film Awards rewards the best work of any nationality seen on British cinema screens during the preceding year.

Ida completes the Cinematography line-up, and receives a second nomination for Film Not in the English Language.

Also nominated in Film Not in the English Language are:

The Lunchbox,
Trash and Two Days,
One Night.

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Press Release & Rest of the Nominations

8 Feb 2015

Royal Opera House, London

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London Jazz Festival 2014


Over the years, the Festival has made a steady transition from north London to London-wide, and from May to its present November slot, to establish today’s multi-faceted 10 day event. It has grown to be not only London’s largest city-wide music festival, but one of the major international jazz events. The highlights have been many – each year brings its own character and momentum, and the riches of the Festival can as easily be found in a packed club as in the concert hall.